What Is FitMom?

Most commonly referred to as “Ash FitMom” the clue is in my name! I am a fitness fanatic, mother-of-3 that started my business, FitMom, 4.5 years ago when I wanted to share my love of exercise with other women, but more importantly, I wanted to show them how exercise truly has the ability to positively change your life.

FitMom specialises in training, guiding, supporting, empowering and transforming the lives of women. I started in 2015 as a “mobile personal trainer.” Since then, I have employed another trainer, Lauren Pienaar, and this is what we get up to:

  • Personal training (private & group sessions)
  • Online workout & eating programmes
  • I have started a running group in the Southern Suburbs of CT called Fit & Fast. It is by invite only for serious runners. We currently have 14 members.
  • We host pop-up running/bootcamp events in Jo’burg & Cape Town.
  • We host Women’s Wellness Retreat Weekends (both in Jo’burg & CT)
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