Ashleigh Iovino

Hi, my name is Ash! I am a wife and mother of two boys and a baby girl. I hold an honours degree in Finance. I am a qualified teacher, Personal Trainer, SWEAT1000 and Barre Body Instructor, and the very proud owner of FitMom - my personal training business that specialises in training women. I also have a deep love for road running and have run many marathons, ultra marathons & The Comrades Marathon. For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to health & fitness. When I’m not training myself, I am sharing my passion & expertise by training other women.

My approach is completely holistic:


I know what women want & I completely dedicate each and every session to helping them achieve that.

The essence of FitMom is perfectly captured in my slogan:


I understand that life is busy and we all have phases where we don’t make time for ourselves, yet health & fitness should always be a priority. I teach women to RECLAIM their bodies and take control again. I teach them to love their bodies & realize the innate potential that they all posses yet may have never unlocked. This is the RESHAPING process. It’s often as much psychological as it is physical. The importance of the psychological aspect cannot be overlooked and is something that I have realized through my own fitness journey.

After a lot of hard work, discipline and dedication, the REWARDS are varied and vast. My clients enjoy a happier & healthier self image, a fitter & stronger body, a more positive mindset and an abundance of energy to make each day a success. This then has a knock-on effect on every aspect of their lives – their relationships, their work and their family.

When I fell pregnant with my first born, the first questions which crossed my mind were:

  • Can I still run and go to gym?
  • Do I need to stop strength training?
  • How will exercise affect my baby?
  • At what intensity can I train at?
  • Do I need to monitor my heart rate?
  • Are abdominal/core exercises prohibited and if so, how soon into the pregnancy?
  • How do I nutritionally compensate for the extra calories I am burning both in the gym and by growing a baby?
  • Once my baby has arrived, how will exercise affect my milk supply when I am breastfeeding?
  • How soon can I start training postnatally?
  • How do I start from the beginning without injuring myself?

I started researching and found the information to be overwhelming and often contradictory. This inspired me to study personal training and to specialize in pre & postnatal fitness.

And so here I am today - sharing my experience and love of exercise through FitMom.

I would love nothing more than to guide you through a fit and healthy pregnancy or to assist you in losing your baby weight once your little one has arrived.

Lauren Pienaar

Lauren PienaarLauren Pienaar

I started dancing at the age of 3, so exercise, discipline and routine have been instilled in me from a very young age. I was a senior soloist with Cape Town City Ballet until I fell pregnant with my first son Matt, when I then retired to concentrate on having a family.

To keep myself in an exercise environment and to keep apart of dance with me I guess, I started teaching adult ballet classes.

After having my second son, I really wanted to reclaim, reshape and reward my body. And that's when a really good friend of mine introduced me to Ash at the perfect time in my life, and I just knew she was the answer to my road back to being fit, healthy and happy with my body.

Ash not only inspires me still, to be the best that I can be, she has become a very good friend, and I can't thank the universe enough for our paths meeting.

I really do love exercising, pushing myself to new limits and setting goals for myself and achieving them. I have done Pilates my entire career so I have a great understanding of the body and a keen passion for body conditioning. I have also found a great love for running, SWEAT1000 and Barre Body.

I know that by making life changes, even small ones, your goals can be achieved.

I hope to inspire and motivate new clients by reminding them that I was also once there, and that with a good mind, a little patience and some hard work it can be done.